Questions, Questions

Just a little questionnaire I snatched from Sara Lucero Photographer (originally Thorn and Sparrow) to kill some time before I have to drown myself in Elena Poniatowska, an essay about pregnancy (Yeah. So, Feminism.), and writing. :] Enjoy! (And feel free to fill out your own!)

(1). What movie best describes your life? Oh, dear God. I don’t even know right now. I’m sure there have been a few though, probably some disgusting chick flick or something (Maybe). If you’re looking for a movie though, I just watched this one the other day, and dear God, it was adorable. It may have been because I watched it at about 1 in the morning, but it was just too damn cute. Aaron Johnson, God.

(2). If you could have coffee with one of the Beatles, who would it be? I find it horribly ironic that I’ve been on a Beatles kick all week (thank you, Dr. Bersett for showing A Hard Day’s Night last Wednesday and shoving Beatles music into my every waking hour ever since), and I happen to come across this questionnare with this question. So, hmm. Probably Paul. George perhaps too; he’s pretty charming. :]

(3). Books: Fiction or Nonfiction? Fiction, for sure. Nonfiction bores me to tears most of the time.

(4). What’s your favorite meal of the day and why? Breakfast. I never get to eat it, but damn, it tastes good. Especially if you have real breakfast with the whole sha-bang: eggs, sausage, pancakes. God, I’m hungry now.

(5). Favorite place of retreat? Anywhere outdoors. I love just walking around on campus, actually. I mean, half the reason I don’t totally hate living up this damn hill is because of the absolutely gorgeous walk to get there. Especially right now, with the leaves as pretty as they are. :]

(6). Rain or shine? Rain, as a general statement. There’s just something nice about walking around in it. :]

(7). What’s your go-to record? Oooh. I don’t know. It changes pretty much daily.

(8). Favorite TV Show, past or present, go! Lost, Merlin, Downton Abbey, Once Upon A Time. Gosh, I’m sure there are more.

(9). What’s your favorite era and why? Anywhere from about 1920 to 1950. I’m particularly fond of the 40s and 50s, but, really, that entire era of life just gets me.

x Em 


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